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The Anti-Poverty Network of New Jersey is proud to announce it has united with New Jersey Citizen Action's family of organizations of as of May 20, 2021.

After 21 successful years of ensuring a strong safety net for New Jerseyans in deep poverty, APN is proud to become a program within NJCA and grow its advocacy and organizing capabilities.

Please join us at www.njcitizenaction.org to learn more.

The Anti-Poverty Network of New Jersey is a statewide network committed to fighting poverty in New Jersey by empowering partners, educating the community, and advocating for solutions since it was founded in 1999. 

Having often worked very closely and in tandem with NJCA, uniting our organizations allows APN to continue the phenomenal work it has achieved over the last two decades.

NJCA is a statewide grassroots organization with a mission centered on fighting for social, racial and economic justice. They combine on the ground organizing, legislative advocacy, and electoral campaigns to win progressive policy and political victories that make a difference in people’s lives. 

As we continue our work to prevent, reduce, and end poverty throughout NJ, this temporary website can provide you access to information on how to stay connected with us. We encourage you to visit www.njcitizenaction.org to learn more about our upcoming activities and initiatives.

If you need to contact us please reach out to Renee Koubiadis, Anti-Poverty Program Director at renee@njcitizenaction.org.

APN looks forward to continuing to provide a framework for discourse on the causes, effects, and remedies for poverty in New Jersey in joining forces with NJCA to fight for social, economic, and racial justice.

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The Garden State Leaders Program is a free, six-month long leadership and advocacy training program for NJ residents with lived experience of homelessness and poverty. Throughout the program we and our partners help participants learn to effectively tell their stories and further their advocacy goals. Each session focuses on a different topic such as effectively telling your story, working with the media, and more. Typically one session is held at the NJ State House in Trenton, with the opportunity to meet with legislators and to gain a better understanding of the legislative process in our state.

The goal is to help build the skills of people with lived experience of poverty to take on influential roles on issues pertinent to their lives and to connect them to advocacy opportunities throughout the state. These leadership roles include serving as Board of Trustees members of our own organizations as well as partner organizations in our networks. We’ve received significant positive feedback from our graduates. Several have noted that, in addition to helping them advocate for important causes, the program has helped them obtain employment, advance in their careers, and improve their social networks. We have also heard sentiments from many of New Jersey’s advocates, non-profit leaders, and elected officials on how valuable our leaders’ perspective has been toward making an impact on policies affecting populations experiencing poverty.



Full Report can be found via this link

A summary may be found via this link

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Full report can be found via this link 

A summary may be found via this link

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You can contact us by emailing

Renee Koubiadis, Anti-Poverty Program Director at New Jersey Citizen Action


To learn more about our new home in NJCA we encourage you to visit the website to see all the work we continue to pursue for social, racial, and economic justice. 

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