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Heat & Eat Program suspended, for now


Despite the legislation to preserve additional SNAP benefits for participants in New Jersey's Heat & Eat program, the program has officially been suspended after the Governor's veto of related budget language. Current participants in the program will begin to lose the extra benefits (an estimated $90/mo on average) as they come in for their annual recertification. There is still the possibility that the program could be restored, however, either through the legislation that is awaiting the Governor's signature, or through departmental action. Pressure from advocates and people impacted by the cuts could still protect this vital nutrition assistance.

For an in-depth discussion of the program and it's likely impact, check out this NJ Spotlight article, which quotes a number of APN members. 


Letter to the Editor in Support of Millionaire's Tax


Earlier this week copies of a letter to the Editor from APN Executive Director, Serena Rice, were printed in three New Jersey area papers: the Star Ledger, the Trenton Times, and the Philadelphia Inquirer. The APN has taken a position in support of the proposed millionaire's tax on the basis of the clear need for adequate state resources to support essential services for human needs. In her letter, Rice also referenced the research available from New Jersey Policy Perspective demonstrating that an incremental tax increase on the highest-income filers do not drive them out of the state.

Link to the Star Ledger letter here: "Budget crisis victims" (third on the page)

Link to the Trenton Times letter here: "Time for N.J.'s well-off to pay it forward" (third on the page).

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